Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions.  All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make the better.  ---Emerson

He sido muy tímida a hablar en español, ahora puedo entender más y mi vocabulario ha aumentado, pero lo es difícil pensar y hablar en Español! Mucha gente quiere practicar ingles. Yo enseño clases de inglés. Tengo que esforzarme más para aprender español. Estaré escribiendo mi blog en español y en inglés. No puedo prometer que no estaré cometiendo algunos errores. Espero que mejorar!

A noche, mis amigos y yo fuimos al partido de futbol! Atlético de Bilbao contra Paraguay...mi primer partido de futbol en España! Fue muy divertido! Compre pipas de girasol para comer! Los hinchos estaban muy entusiasmados. Paraguay ganó, pero fue un buen partido. Los hinchos de Paraguay tenían una gran bandera. Ellos agitaban la bandera cada vez que Paraguay anotaba un gol.

Después del partido, mis amigos y yo fuimos al restaurante 'americano.' Comimos hamburguesas! Desde que he estado en España, no he comido hamburguesas! Comimos hamburguesas y hablamos fuera el restaurante. Fue muy divertido!

So, I have been really shy to speak in Spanish here in Spain.  My understanding and my vocabulary has definitely increased, but it is hard to think and speak in Spanish...conjugating verbs, et.c!  It is also hard sometimes to practice speaking Spanish because many people that I meet want to practice their English and I teach English classes.  Anyway, I am going to make more effort to speak more in Spanish!  With this being said, I am going to begin writing my blog in Spanish and in English (thanks to an idea from a friend!)  No promises on not making mistakes in my writing!  Hopefully, this will help me improve my Spanish! 

Change of subject...
Last night, some friends and I went to a futbol game!  Bilbao Athletic was playing a 'friendly' game (British for non-competitive) against Paraguay.  This was my first time to attend a soccer game in Spain and it was super fun!  I even bought sunflower seeds to eat while I was at the game...yum!  The enthusiasm of the fans at the game was awesome!  Paraguay ended up winning, but it was a good game.  The Paraguay fans had this huge Paraguay flag and whenever they scored or did something good, the fans waved the flag.  It reminded me of the parachute game that kids play in PE class.  

After the game, we went to a cute diner called Florida that serves "American" food, like hamburgers!!!  I was soo excited to eat a hamburger because I haven't had one since I have been in Spain.  I don't often eat them in America, but it was so good to eat one after not having one for so long.  There was no room to eat in the diner because it was small, so we took the burgers outside and ate them while standing and chatting.  Fun times!

XO...Leave a Trail....Don't Be Shy!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Black and Gold

My sister showed me the Katy Perry version of this song and then I found this version by Sam Sparro.  I really like this song....I am big on knowing the lyrics in songs and I really like these lyrics!  I miss my family, my boyfriend and my friends from the U.S.  I am enjoying living in Spain soooo much, but sometimes things aren't as awesome if you don't have people you love with/near you!!!  

XO...Leave a trail...Black and Gold!
Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. - Emerson
Today, in my English classes, I was so happy with my adult students.  During the previous week, the students were working in groups.  Their assignment was to invent a new product and create a small ad. campaign for the product.  This included a slogan, a logo, a radio jingle, and a poster.  Some of the classes presented their products today.  One group invented swimsuits for pet fish.  Their logo name was Fashionable Fish!  Some of the students did homework for the assignment.  This and the fact that they were having fun and being creative made me happy!  Some of the groups brought pictures from home to put on their poster.  Some of the groups also created a poster using their home computers.  Another group invented jewelry that is made with rocks from the moon.  They recorded space themed music to use for their radio jingle.  It was so cute to see them present their products.  The little things in life are the most important!  Their enthusiasm about this assignment warmed my heart!  Other products they invented are trousers with advance technology that make you fit while you wear them, pocket-size cars, trainers that can charge your phone/ipod, a pill that allows you to smell all the wonderful smells in life (like freshly cut grass, etc.), a translator pen, a cheat-sheet pen that projects the answers to tests onto your desk (high-school students created this...cheaters!), and battery-operated heated boots.  There are many others, but I don't remember them all.  

XO....Leave a trail....Be enthusiastic.   

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Emerson Quote of the Day

“Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
- Emerson

I am totally fascinated by words...having lovely conversations, hearing and knowing the definition of new words, making up words, poetry, prayers, other languages (i absolutely love hearing other languages spoken and accents in english), reading good books, etc., etc. 

With that being said, I am a huge fan of 'word of the day' and quotes by other people.  The above quote is one of my favorites.  I believe it's important to follow your heart and to not always 'stick to the beaten path.'   

 I was recently looking at a facebook group called Chase Community Giving.  This bank is giving away one million dollars, $1 million dollars!, to a non-profit organization who receives the most votes.  I began reading the profiles of the different organizations and I was moved by their descriptions of how the non-profit was started and the things that they could accomplish if the money were granted to them.  Organizations such as Invisible Children, To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA - suicide prevention), and many others were featured in the voting process.  Invisible Children won the million dollars! If all of the people who started these organizations had decided not to 'go where there was no path,' they would not be 'leaving a trail' of good for others to benefit from.  

A shout out to all the non-profit organizations founded in the name of making a difference and leaving the world better than they found it.  Thank you for your courage, determination and perseverance!

XO...Leave a trail.

Read about the history of the Invisible Children organization here...  and sign a petition calling on President Obama to be a part of the efforts to rescue child soldiers and help recover war affected areas...
What Invisible Children plans to do with the $1 million dollars....