Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. - Emerson
Today, in my English classes, I was so happy with my adult students.  During the previous week, the students were working in groups.  Their assignment was to invent a new product and create a small ad. campaign for the product.  This included a slogan, a logo, a radio jingle, and a poster.  Some of the classes presented their products today.  One group invented swimsuits for pet fish.  Their logo name was Fashionable Fish!  Some of the students did homework for the assignment.  This and the fact that they were having fun and being creative made me happy!  Some of the groups brought pictures from home to put on their poster.  Some of the groups also created a poster using their home computers.  Another group invented jewelry that is made with rocks from the moon.  They recorded space themed music to use for their radio jingle.  It was so cute to see them present their products.  The little things in life are the most important!  Their enthusiasm about this assignment warmed my heart!  Other products they invented are trousers with advance technology that make you fit while you wear them, pocket-size cars, trainers that can charge your phone/ipod, a pill that allows you to smell all the wonderful smells in life (like freshly cut grass, etc.), a translator pen, a cheat-sheet pen that projects the answers to tests onto your desk (high-school students created this...cheaters!), and battery-operated heated boots.  There are many others, but I don't remember them all.  

XO....Leave a trail....Be enthusiastic.   

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